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So I’m going to Ichibancon this Saturday.  It’ll be my first anime convention and cosplay!  I decided pretty last minute, so this is my really poorly constructed costume.  I didn’t have time to get a wig, but I don’t feel like that is that big of a deal?  I guess I can always say that I’m PGSM Usagi.

c= What do you guys think?

Edit: Oops! I forgot to mention I’m not quite done with the costume yet!

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  1. thepainofdreams answered: Hey, I took your pic at the con, and I didn’t tell you then, but I really adored your cosplay! It made me smile whenever you walked by :D
  2. downybear said: I think you look so cute!
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    This is drawplay/lunapress. She’s working on a Usagi (from Sailor Moon) cosplay. And I will officially be going to...
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    Very nice!
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    Yes. Good.
  7. snufking answered: Your red glasses really adds to the cuteness of it all!
  8. pigeon-hearted answered: OH MY GOD. You look freaking adorable!!!
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  10. tiny012 answered: super cute!
  11. trungles answered: CUTE!
  12. xawesomeangelx answered: you look so cute!!! and PGSM Usagi is very believeable
  13. thatonemoonie answered: I like it!
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